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Are you still scanning the WEB in order to get the information about an additional income? Or you want to arrange passive source of profit, but you are hesitating about what kind of internet profit to choose? Investwm has a reliable, profitable and what is the most important – fat way of solving this problem. This is a short-term investment in binary optionvia the best broker companies.

What are the binary options?

Binary options or contracts with fixed risk and profitability appeared in 2008 on the forward market of Chicago Stock Exchange. This derivative financial instrument combined all the advantages of classic basic assets, which are rotating on money market and stock market. Almost every ordinary citizen is faced with difficulties when trading directly with currency, futures, gold and other underlying assets.

First, it takes a lot of time for studying terminology of fundamental and graphical analysis.  Modern people almost have no spare time to learn how the prices are formed on financial marketplaces. Ordinary man just needs a simple investment product by means of which he will get profit instantly without any risk of losing all the funds!

Second, trading in its classical meaning requires big investments of valuable resources. On the first place you need to allot time and money. It is not so simple for CIS citizen to invest several thousand dollars for performing trading operations on stock market. Don’t forget, that you will need to spend minimum one year before your investments start to bring you profit.

Third, trader needs to monitor the following factors:

  • Which type of order for opening and closing the position to select.
  • How to calculate the correlation between risk and profit.
  • Where to set stop-loss.
  • Why you should know ATR business asset value.
  • Which tools of technical analysis to use.
  • And so on. The following list can be endless.

No wonder why the statistics of financial market is so sad. More than 90% of traders lose money. Only small group of professional manages to multiply its capital.   On binary options market everything happens vice-versa. All mentioned factors are not only moved in the middle distance, but excluded from high-profitable financial instrument

How to start receiving profit by trading with binary options?

To manage this, you need to fulfill the following simple actions:

  • Select company from the binary options rating of brokers.
  • Add funds to your trading account according to minimal broker’s requirements.
  • Perform first-hand acquaintance with the technical analysis.
  • Learn the trading strategy.
  • Start concluding high-profitable bargains.

More information about: how to trade with binary options.

Only five simple steps allow arranging stable income or the source of passive profit. Everything depends on your desire and individual preferences in financial independence field. Trading market became more open and clear for ordinary people due to binary options. Also you don’t need to invest thousands of dollars in studying process and recurring deposits against the early nulled funds.

By the way, you may find many useful information on our portal. Every article is based on a practical material of analysts and professional short-termed and long-termed investors. Thus, all the recommendations are not only acquaints you with binary options more closely, but also helps you to increase your profit and make your deposit safer. This very feature defines Investwm site and distinguishes it among other financial portals.

Start your trading experience for free right now.
Select CALL or PUT on the diagram below, add funds in the appeared window! After that wait till the end of the trade and enjoy.

To make your trade profitable you will need to perform correct analysis of the market of the following asset.

Advantages of the binary options as high-profitable derivative tool for shot-term and long-term investment:

Previously it was thought that only a man with a proper education could  arrange a systematic income on stock market or financial market. Additionally you need to have big circulating capital, to have profitability 20% – 50% monthly. Different financial processes are closely related with economical operations. These facts push aside ordinary people and make them treat a stock exchange like casino. Of course people were losing money and are still losing them when using traditional approach to trading.

Binary options changed the negative mathematical expectation. Their noncompetitive advantages provide great possibility for everyone who wants to earn money on price changes of financial instruments. Moreover, the profitability is up to 85% from one stake.

Let’s briefly describe the advantages of thee binary options:

  • Instant profitability.
  • Limited and fixed risk.
  • Continuous price thread.
  • Positions for long and short side.
  • Absence of commissions and credit shoulder.
  • Ability of applying to any basic assets of stock exchanges.

Advantages of binary options, which became crucial for ordinary people and professional speculators!

First of all, the trader who works with binary options, should define the movement vector. It is absolutely not necessary how much the basic asset will move, the important thing is that the price should be lower or higher for 0.0001 point of the entrance point and of course, should correspond to the purchased call or put contract. You should pay attention to the following indicators:

  • Movement reserve.
  • Movement potential to the nearest levels of support and resistance.
  • Set postponed stop and limit orders.
  • Pay attention to the linkage of the current position to floating capital.
  • Calculate – ATR.
  • Constantly study demand and supply principles.

As you can see, all the factors, that complicate the trade and may null your floating capital are excluded.  In most cases the price for opening an account is about $100. Do you know any other traditional variants of business that can be started with such a ridiculous sum? Of course not! Because they simply don’t exist. We strongly recommend not to lose a perfect chance and to earn by means of investment to binary options.

Advantages of binary options trading.

The opportunity of getting the fast income against the minimal deposit. The main point in the binary options trading lies in so-called expiration process. The trader defines the time interval in advance and sets the necessary period just before opening a trade. The advantage of the following approach is that your position and, of course, the future profit is not linked to a price. It is necessary for us to determine the movement vector and to match this parameter with your request. In that way the young speculators increase stake to 85% from the initially invested one within 60 seconds.

Your risks, in contrast to financial market and stock market are fixed and defined automatically by the volume of the invested funds. In short, you know in advance the conditions of the binary contract, because you set the position size yourself. Please, also pay attention to an uncompetitive factor, that the deposit is fully protected from the open position. Stake cannot negatively influence your floating capital and to reduce your purchasing capacity. Everything goes on vice-versa: the trades increase your deposit and could not reduce your funds due to price.

Binary options – is the only high-profitable financial instrument presented by the variant all or nothing. If the position is profitable, you get 85% profit. If not, the risks are limited by the volume of the invested sum.

Want to become a trader?

The price of the binary option depends on the current basic asset. Additionally there are almost no restrictions about minimal deposit and stake. You may start with 100 dollars and stakes of $10. You need to acquaint yourself with the trading conditions of binary options brokers. Then you should find the most appropriate rules for further mutually-beneficial co-operation and open the account. Genius is simplicity. Perform the set of simple steps and reach the financial well-being with the help of binary investment.

Absence of broker commissions and exchange fees. This rule after the definite time interval allows to save a decent sum of money. As a rule, on financial and stock market the traders pay commission to a broker + to stock exchange regardless of the results of the trade. Even unprofitable positions are imposed by a commission. This unpleasant fact is absent on binary options market.

Almost every resident of the West and Europe actively invests in binary options, don’t miss this chance also! Trading – is one of the few businesses, where the potential of the income is unlimited. The main thing is to arrange correct plan of your actions and reach your goal. And Investwm will help you to improve your knowledge in short-term investments in binary options.

The platforms for options

All the brokers provide the trading platform, which is their property, or the property of the developer company
Only few brokers use their own platforms: IQ optionOlymp TradeTopOption

Most binary brokers work, using developer company platforms.

The list of such platforms:

  • UTIP—  more than 100 tools, 38 indicators, 29 drawing tools. Timeframe from 5 seconds to a year.
  • SpotOption— the most widespread platform with a wide variety of assets among which are stocks, currencies, goods and indexes.
  • Tradologic— this platform supports different types of options, therefore, every trader can choose the appropriate asset for the trade.
  • Tradesmarter— convenient and efficient platform, that can perform great number of operations, and process the traffic. It also has a flexible scalability
  • TechFinancials — this platform is recognized as the elite one and it carefully checks for the brokers’ conscientiousness who work with it.